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Mobius in copper Large mobius painted red


I have always liked Mobius strips, from when I first saw them as a boy, at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. These are a two-dimensional mathematical shape twisted into three dimensional space. There is only one "side"; if you follow the surface of the strip it goes all the way around, with no "inside" or "outside". Similarly, a Mobius has only one edge.

I have made a whole series of these Mobius strips, from a variety of materials, in various sizes. The first ones I made the hard way, but subsequently I made some special tools, including "stakes", to help me make these strips. Like most things, the results are better with practice and better tools. I enjoy making Mobius strips, and I like the way they look.

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Copper mobius


Title: Mobius
Material: Copper
Finish: Shiny Sanded Copper
Size: 11 by 6 inches (28 by 15 cm)

The shiny finish is protected by a clear coating.

Mobius on a marble base


The Mobius is available on a 6 inch by 6 inch (15cm by 15cm) stone base for an additional $50. Most clients buy the base. A Mobius with base is often purchased to be used as a gift or award. The base provides room for an engraved plaque, if desired.

The Mobius is clamped to the base, which allows it to be repositioned or removed for handling. Many people enjoy handling the Mobius, turning it over in their hands, and looking at it from different angles.

shiny steel mobius copper patina mobius

The Mobius is available in many other finishes, such as shiny steel (left), or green patina copper (right).

The Mobius Strip is sometimes referred to as a Mobius Band, a Moebius Band, or a Moebius Strip.


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