Tools I made

I enjoy making my own tools. I think about the problem that I am trying to solve, design the tool, make it, test it, and revise it if necessary.

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Sheet Metal Stakes


These are some of the tools that I have made. Most of them are sheet metal stakes; stakes are used as a kind of anvil for sheet metal work.


Ewheel Ewheel


This is an English Wheel, sometimes called an ewheel or a Wheeling Machine. This is a tool used for smoothing or shaping sheet metal. I take a piece of sheet metal that I have hammered, and run it through the ewheel, between the two wheels; this smooths out the piece.

This is smaller than the usual ewheels, which are used for smoothing body panels for cars. My work is smaller, so I use a smaller ewheel


Here is my helve hammer at work.

This helve hammer saves my wrist. I can use various heads on the hammer, depending on what I am trying to do.

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