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Firebird party

Firebird in front of Garage
This is the artist and his wife Marianne at the going away party for the Firebird Sculpture.

This is the final assembly of the firebird before disassembly and loading onto the truck.
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Firebird partially assembled
This is the firebird partially assembled at the school.

Firebird lifting bracket
This is the firebird ready to be lifted in place.   The white arrow points to the lifting bracket.

The principal, Bob Felice, and the artist shaking hands.

There were many bystanders watching the installation.

Firebird in air
This is the firebird being put in place.

Firebird in air
Gary getting ready to grout between the firebird and the concrete pedestal.  Gary is the general contractor who made the pedestal. 

Gary was a key reason that the installation went so smoothly; we finished the installation and left before 11 AM.

Trimming up the grout
Note Pikes Peak in the background, to the left of the flagpole.  Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet high (4300 meters).
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Overview of front of building
This is an overview of the front of the building.

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